Oftentimes, individuals who own and operate their own businesses have questions... and lots of them.  This is where I come in!

I have helped new and established companies - including my own - reach a broader range of clients using a few easy tools I've learned along the way.  I went from starting out earning nothing to making thousands in my first year.  If I can do it, then so can you!  


Some of the more common questions I have received include how do I get seen on Google?  What is Google analytics and SEO keywords and how do these affect my business? How do I get started and where can I go for help?  What social media sites help me create a larger online presence?  Why aren't more people finding me online?  How should I brand myself?  What apps and editing sources do you use to sell products and create imagery for your site?  If you are looking to have these types of questions answered and more then look no further!  

During a business consultation with me I will teach you the tricks of the trade.  Click the button below to book a business consulting session with me.


Session fee is $80.00 which includes a one hour & 20 minute chat with me via phone or Skype where we will discuss all things business. 


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